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Looking down at a cracked or broken iPhone screen or other hardware issue can be a truly horrible inconvenience. Especially if you need your phone at that exact moment or rely on it for work or other social commitments. That’s exactly where we come in. We are your source for professional, on-the-spot iPhone and iPad repair anywhere in the Montreal or Laval area. Our experienced technicians have completed hundreds of repairs and have extensive experience diagnosing unresponsive devices and getting phones that ‘went for a swim’ back up and running. We have sourced the highest quality OEM replacement parts on the market, parts we would use on our own mothers phones. Yes, we are that confident we can get your iPhone or iPad up and running again.

iphone repair montreal


Audio issues are commonly found in older devices, usually due to wear and tear and component failure. We’ve got the parts in stock and can get it fixed – give us a call today!


If your home button isn’t working and it has you frustrated beyond belief – no problem, get your phone into our shop today and we can get it replaced within the hour!


Easily the most popular repair we do, we can fix cracked or smashed iPhone 4/5 and even iPhone 6 screens the same day and with the best quality parts available. Bring it in today and we’ll get you fixed up!


Bring us your broken or cracked iPhone screen and we can have an entirely new front display installed on it within 90 minutes by one of our friendly technicians. It’s actually inefficient and economically impossible to fix individual cracks, so we actually replace the entire front display (including the cracked glass or damaged digitizer).


Not sure exactly what’s wrong with your iPhone? Bring it into our shop for an absolutely free on the spot diagnosis. We can let you know what the exact issue likely is through process of elimination and of course we have tons of experience with these type of problems. In most cases if you have a dark screen and aren’t sure what is causing it, it’s either your charging port, battery or your front screen. In either case, we can deduce the problem through process of elimination and will charge you only for the repair that fixes your phone. Know exactly what it will cost before we open up your device as well – totally transparent pricing.

 Let’s get your phone fixed today!

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